THE LAST FRONTIER: NCAD Fine Art BA 1st Class Honours Degree Exhibition 2000, RHA Gallery, Dublin




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In this installation an environment has been created that suggest contemporary biotechnology laboratories. By inserting old and new visual references to the natural world into such clean, clinical framework we may begin to appreciate the mechanics of the scientific gaze that has become the dominant means by which we understand nature in contemporary society.

nature study 2000: continuing desires

Using apples as a vehicle to convey these ideas served several purposes. It playfully links ideas between traditional and contemporary art practice, but it also suggests that new visions of nature affect us all. Further references pinpoint the dawning of genetic knowledge and visually contrast the new marriage between living objects and the technology being used to describe them. While the workings of the scientific community may seem distanced from everyday life, this work may remind us that our choices and desires continue to be projected onto, and influence, our wider relationship to nature.

* Science and the eclipse of the earth was published in Circa 96, 2001 and in NCAD Thoughtlines, 2001 – taken from my undergraduate thesis of the same name

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