update and overview of seeing the forest: beyond the ecocidal eye to a relational gaze in wildlife/natuaral history cinema

Recently I have been reviewing my work over the last year. Then last week I had to summarise in 15 min my overall research enquiry in a presentation to my research department and other Visual Culture PhD candidates and staff. Both the writing and presentation  have helped,  particularly in articulating and seeing my research query more solidly framed by the art & ecology theme/context/practice, in which I work. If you are interested, here are the points we were asked to address in our talk.

  • presenting the work in in progress, in its ‘unfinished state,
  • outline structure of project
  • present critical reflections on the theories and methods, including key terms and concepts
  • identify primary material for the project
  • present thesis/theses, central research questions
  • outline brief analysis on how one is/will be applying theoretical  terms and concepts to the primary material.

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