I have been very fortunate to have been invited to speak at a new course at University College Cork (UCC’s) next week, Oct 16 2012, on art, sustainability and community. It’s to UCC’s credit in designing such a course when so much national focus is currently on the demise of the economy and rarely on longer term issues that Ireland has long needed to address. Some materials from the first talks are below and a publication from the course will be produced in the future. My thanks to Dr Edmond Byrne for asking me to participate and all are welcome to attend if you happen to be in Cork.

‘Sustainability & Modern Society’ Seminar Series 2012

This is a trans-disciplinary Seminar Series, run in collaboration with the Centre for Adult Continuing Education mostly on Tuesdays during October and November 2012 in Room 122, UCC Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, College Road, Cork (7-9pm).

It is an experimental and perhaps unique coming together of academics from a diverse range of disciplines across the university and beyond to discuss and deliberate in an open, discoursive, exploratory and reflective way on the issues around (un)sustainability and modern society.

Given that the series is about seeking discussion and exploring relevant questions, audience participation is a key component of the series. All are welcome. Free admission.


1. Are Modern Society and Sustainability compatible?

E. Byrne, G. Mullally (2 October)

2. An Unsustainable Societal Construct

D. Chapman, J. Fitzpatrick (9 October)

3. Philosophy & Art

G. Parkes, C. Fitzgerald (16 October)

4. Science, Complexity & Spirituality

G. Mullally, E. Byrne, D. Gabuzda (23 October)

5. Planning and Law around Sustainable Development

W. Brady, B. Sage-Fuller (30 October)

6. Economics & Politics

J. Barry, S. O’Tuama (N.B.: Monday, 5 November)

7. Moving to a Sustainable Societal Construct

J. Fitzpatrick, D. Chapman (13 November)

8. Bringing it all together; A transdisciplinary endeavor

A selection of lecturers from above (20 November)

Presentation Material below:

1. Are Modern Society & Sustainability Compatible?   Ed Byrne & Ger Mullally
2. An Unsustainable Societal Construct (energy and climate change)  John Fitzpatrick
 3. An Unsustainable Societal Construct (fresh water resources)  Debbie Chapman
Sustainability Modern Society Brochure 2012
Sustainability Modern Society Brochure Contributors 2012

2 thoughts on “art, sustainability and modern society at university college cork

  1. Dear Cathy, thank you so much for sending me this, it looks really good. I’m heading away on Saturday for 2 weeks in England seeing friends and family, and am currently knee-deep in helping our village committee organise an energy information evening, so I will look thro the documents in detail when I get backand try to talk to you more then (it would be good to catch up with you anyhow).

    all the best

    Belinda ________________________________


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