Teaching myself how to ‘see’ a forest in the making

Light pockets created by creating chimneys of light in the forest canopy which draws up young Ash samplings

Creating chimneys of light in the forest canopy from careful selective tree-thinning, draws up young Ash saplings

(Please click on the photo to read) I took this shot yesterday and even though it was a cold day, we have been blessed with lovely great clear days in January, here in south Carlow, Ireland – the exact opposite of this morning, sitting here in my studio watching the hail slide down the windows.

This image is sort of what I have been taught to ‘see’ by my forestry friends over the years – as an artist I might have been thinking about light, balance and composition – foresters are doing that too in a way. In regards to light, I remember listening to a Pro Silva forester Philip Morgan from the UK last year, talk for 20 mins on how important light management was in forestry; “forestry is a way of sculpting with light” (in-the-forest discussion, 2009) and I thought forestry was all about species selection!

I am posting this photo into the group flickr group ‘Close to Nature Forestry Notebook’ (click this link to join) & do feel free to post up your shots too

3 thoughts on “Teaching myself how to ‘see’ a forest in the making

  1. This looks good Cathy. I like your brief, clear text too. So exciting seeing the transformation happening before your eyes. Roll on Spring and all the new seedlings hitting the forest floor will become more visible again. They will just love waking up into the new light you have created.


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