burning bright

burning bright 2009 1:30 ‘Thank you so much for your fantastic videos. They are deeply moving in their simplicity. The videos are very moving, the transition of smoke to life is a very clear way of communicating this huge catastrophe on an intimate scale.‘ Kevin Buckland, Art Ambassador, 350.org 2010 Rather than relaying scientific facts,…Read more burning bright

Burning Bright and DNA

Hi everyone I have work  in two galleries at the moment; firstly my short film ‘burning bright‘ is been shown in a group show, the 9 stone group of Artists at the Norman Gallery in Wexford near where we live -Martin, Anthony, Nicola and other friends are also exhibiting. It opens tomorrow Sat 27 June…Read more Burning Bright and DNA

Burning Bright selected for Eigse 2009 Film programme

Hi all, Just found out that my film that I made for Biodiversity week 2008 Burning Bright, has been selected for the Carlow 2009 Eigse Film programme. Yay!!! I know some of you watched this film as it was selected earlier this year for the Green Party’s youtube film festival and asked me how it…Read more Burning Bright selected for Eigse 2009 Film programme