Tired of never getting around to all your creative goals? Try GoalEnforcer

I’m often juggling many projects at the same time and can all too often see my art goals slipping away. My full-time job is also challenging but I know for my sanity’s sake I need to keep my art alive. In the last while I seem to have been on the lookout for new methods to keep my goals in front of me; I’ve used the back of envelopes, bought loads of notebooks but with rushing around and changing deadlines, its often ‘now where did I put that list?’

I’ve been reading recently an aptly named book called Focus the power of targetted thinking, and one suggestion was to try goal-setter software . Well, with nothing to lose, I downloaded goalEnforcer.com. It looked very basic but it’s higly visual – its a drag and drop system of entering your goals into ball shapes. I’m always putting things in circles of things to do and this is like that but you can also put in due dates- the circles turn red when overdue and you can edit on the fly – goodbye scribbled goals or worse, goals on lost envelopes!

The program looks very basic but I was suprised to see that my hometown university in NZ was using it as well as Oxford Uni. I’ve starting using it for my work goals and will be trying it out on my art goals soon – only wish it was hooked up to my google diary. Its fun too and sometime just getting your goals down is the first step to starting them 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tired of never getting around to all your creative goals? Try GoalEnforcer

  1. Thanks Crafty Green Poet

    You know I’ve found I’ve used it mostly setting goals with the day job, but about to log the creative goals.
    Thanks for the comment, have just got broadband, under a mountain living in a wood so its been a long process but should make blogging easier, at last!



  2. Hi Darling Cathy,
    I do love all your info! Thanks for your splendid site. Kevin would be so proud of you and all you are and all you do. I am sure he walks with you and enjoys your lovely Irish journey too.
    Love and Light and God Bless you kindly from home down-under.
    Mum & Michael xxx


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